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While it’s taken for granted that the products that we purchase and employ in our homes on a daily basis are safe to use, even the most ordinary items can cause very serious injuries if there are defects in their design, manufacturing, or materials. It is the responsibility of manufacturers to adhere to production, design, and manufacturing guidelines before their products go to the shelves for consumers to purchase. If you or a loved one have received injuries from a faulty product, the Charleston and Tri-County Area product liability attorneys at The Law Offices of Scott E. Kegel is prepared to help you hold the companies responsible for your suffering accountable.

Hold Negligent Manufacturers Accountable

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The area of product liability can cover a lot of ground. In some cases, poorly designed or defective airbags, brakes, or engines can result in auto accidents. Faulty tires can cause a motorcycle accident. Food and beverages which slip through the cracks and go to stores without being properly inspected often result in wrongful death. In each of these cases, standards and best practices for producing items I use each and every day have been set forth and when they have been ignored or not followed to the letter, the consumer can become seriously injured or sick, or even lose their lives.

In product liability cases where high losses are involved, insurance companies and their attorneys will do everything they can to resist paying fair compensation to victims of negligent practices. The product liability lawyers at The Law Offices of Scott E. Kegel have 15 years of experience fighting tirelessly for people who have suffered these types of injuries, and who have gotten buried under the stress and expense of hospital stays, medical care, and work lost because of extended recovery times.

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