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If you’re one of the 4.7 million Americans who has been bitten by a dog this year, you already know it’s no joke. Not only are dog bites painful and frightening, but they can also be life-threatening. Anyone bitten by a dog should always have, at minimum, a blood test to ensure that no contagious disease has been contracted.

There does not have to be any negligence. Medical treatment is an expense you should not have to incur in addition to the ordeal of a dog bite. In South Carolina, dog owners are strictly liable for their dog’s actions. This means that you are entitled to compensation for medical costs as well as any trauma experienced as a result of the attack.

Have you, your pet, or a loved one been bitten by a dangerous dog? Don’t delay. If you have been a victim of a dog bite, contact the Law Offices of Scott E. Kegel. You have legal rights, and your experienced Isle of Palms dog bite lawyer will do his best to make sure they’re honored.

Protect Your Legal Interests with Help from A Charleston Dog Bite Lawyer

  • In South Carolina, dog owners are strictly liable for their dog’s actions.

  • A professional dog bite lawyer seeks fair compensation for injury and emotional trauma

  • You only have a limited time to file a claim for compensation

  • Your first priority after suffering a dog bite should be to seek medical attention

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Charleston South Carolina loves its dogs, as does the rest of the country, but attacks from dogs account for more than 350,000 emergency room visits in the USA every year. If you’ve been bitten by another person’s dog, you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and emotional trauma caused by the incident.

At Scott E. Kegel Law Offices, I am experienced with dog bite cases and work diligently to get my clients the justice and compensation they deserve. There are statutes of limitations on dog attack cases, which means that there are time limits for filing a personal injury claim against the owner of the offending animal. If you or someone in your family were bitten by a dog, don’t wait another minute. Call now, and speak with a dog bite lawyer who will aggressively pursue fair compensation.

If you need strong legal representation in Isle of Palms for your dog bite case, contact the Law Offices of Scott E Kegel now using the contact form provided on this website or give me a call. I have more than 20 years of experience handling personal injury cases involving dog bites and will fight to protect your legal rights.

You Suffered Injury from A Dog Bite – So Now What?

If you were bitten by a dog (or any other pet), you should first seek medical attention without delay. Even what appears to be a minor dog bite injury can introduce deadly bacteria into your bloodstream. Some pets may even carry other health risks, like rabies, so go see a medical professional and make sure your health is protected.

Attacked by an Animal?

Charleston Dog Bite Lawyer Near Me

After taking steps to protect your health, contact a dog bite lawyer without delay. This will provide you with an opportunity to ask questions about your situation and discover whether your lawyer can help you find answers. Some of the more relevant questions you may want to answer include:

  • Will the dog bite result in permanent injury or disfigurement?

  • Could I have emotional trauma resulting from the dog bite?

  • Was the dog vaccinated and free of rabies?

Your dog bite lawyer will urge you to keep all of your medical records and bills. You may have to ask your doctor for copies of these records so that your lawyer can use them to prove how the bite adversely affected your life.

You will also want any information about the dog that you can gather. It may be difficult to identify a dog’s owner, and your lawyer may even have to conduct an independent investigation to establish their identity, but this information is vital when attempting the ascertain the dog’s veterinary history and vaccination records.

Identifying the dog will also help prevent further bites on other innocent victims in the future.

Why Do Dog Bites Happen?

To put it plainly, dog bites happen for a number of different reasons, often because of owner negligence. If you’re a dog lover, you may feel as though the dog’s aggressive behavior was your fault. However, a dog attack is never the victim’s fault. It is the responsibility of the owner to protect the safety and health of other human beings that may come into contact with their dog, especially If the dog has any bite history.

The law agrees. In South Carolina, a dog owner must have control over their dog at all times. It doesn’t matter if the dog is large or small, friendly or stubborn, if the dog bites a human being the owner is responsible.

Even what seems like a minor dog bite can result in major health problems or complications, so it’s vital that you protect your own interests and work with a professional dog attack lawyer who will aggressively fight to maximize your compensation.

In cases where a dog attack results in severe injury or permanent disfigurement, surgery may be necessary. This may necessitate a lengthy rehabilitation, and cause permanent mental anguish resulting from acute trauma. I treat these dog bite cases with the utmost seriousness, because compensation may represent the only means by which a victim can return to a normal life.

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If you suffered injury from a dog attack, the law entitles you to fair compensation from the negligent party. I can help advise you to recover money for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

It all starts by contacting my law office to speak with a qualified lawyer, without cost or obligation. Your health should be your primary concern, so after seeking medical attention, speak with a dog bite attorney and take steps to protect your own personal interests.