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If you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you need a qualified and experienced Charleston DUI lawyer in your corner to make sure your rights are protected. You also need a lawyer with a thorough knowledge of the complexities of DUI law in South Carolina to fight for you.

At Scott E. Kegel Law Offices, I incorporate an aggressive approach to legal defense and have helped numerous DUI clients keep their freedom and driver’s licenses. With more than 27 years of legal experience, I will aggressively defend your legal rights and do whatever I can to minimize the penalties a conviction can incur.

South Carolina law prefers the use of the term DUI (Driving Under the Influence), as opposed to (Driving While Intoxicated). However, both are used on this page for the sake of clarity.

Fighting a charge is never easy and this is why it is crucial to have an attorney on your side. You must never try to defend yourself against a DUI charge without professional legal guidance. If you need strong legal representation contact Charleston lawyer from the Law Offices of Scott E. Kegel now using the contact form provided on this website, or give me a call now.

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  • A DUI conviction incurs mandatory penalties that could affect your life in countless ways

  • Your lawyer can immediately request the reinstatement of your driving privileges after an arrest

  • It is illegal to drive in Charleston with a blood alcohol content (BAC) or .08 or higher

  • It’s also illegal to drive while under the influence of drugs and other intoxicants.

  • Contact a Charleston DUI lawyer from our law office and make sure your legal rights are protected.

Being arrested for a DUI in Charleston is not only embarrassing, it could lead to jail time, expensive fines, and the loss of your driving privileges. If it’s your first offense, you face penalties, including up to 90 days in jail, $1,000 in fines, and a six-month driver’s license suspension. Even after your driver’s license is reinstated, you must carry SR-22 (high-risk) auto insurance for three full years.

If you’ve had any DUI convictions in the last 10 years, you are subject to more severe punishments, including installing a court-ordered Ignition Interlock Device on your vehicle. Embarrassment is the least of your worries when considering the ramifications of a arrest.

Indeed, the penalties for a DUI conviction in South Carolina are swift and severe, so you must mitigate the damage however the law allows. Your first step should be to speak with a qualified Carolina DUI lawyer and determine your options.

A DUI Conviction Can Affect Your Life In Countless Ways

The punishments for a conviction can be devastating, but there may be inevitable repercussions you haven’t considered. Even though a first-time DUI conviction is a misdemeanor, it still causes the guilty party to acquire a criminal record. This is something that can haunt you for many years after a DUI arrest and should be avoided at all costs.

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Drivers under 21 years of age can be charged with a DUI with a BAC of only .02 or higher. For a young person just getting started in life, a blemish on their criminal record caused by a could make it difficult for them to get a head-start in life. Criminal histories can easily be checked on the internet, and if an employer or renter has a choice between an applicant with a clean record or one with a criminal history, which do you think they will choose?

Losing your driver’s license for any period of time after a DUI conviction is more than just a hassle. It could cause you to miss work, fall behind on your responsibilities, or even make it impossible to take your kids to school. The strain this puts on everyone in the family can cause all sorts of emotional upheaval in the home, and it underscores how a DUI can cause unexpected hardship.

A Professional Lawyer Will Fight to Mitigate the Damage of A Conviction

When you first speak with a DUI lawyer, they will want to assess the details surrounding your arrest. The first course of action is to determine whether your DUI charges can be dropped. Your lawyer will want to review the police reports, investigate the details surrounding your arrest, and determine whether any BAC measuring device was properly calibrated and used according to legal guidelines.

If it proves impossible to have your case dismissed, your lawyer will then work with you to mitigate the punishments you face. Would you like to retain your driver’s license? Would you like to avoid jail time? If so, your  lawyer will do whatever the law allows pursuing these end results. Keep in mind that much will depend upon the nature of your arrest and whether you have prior DUI convictions.

If you already have multiple DUI convictions, you could be subject to serious jail time and the permanent loss of your driver’s license. In these situations, it is vital that you speak with me, an experienced Charleston DUI lawyer from Scott E. Kegel law office without delay.

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