Criminal Defense Attorney in
Charleston, South Carolina

Giving You The Attention That You Deserve

If you are charged with committing a crime or believe you are the subject of a criminal investigation by law enforcement agencies, you need the services of a criminal defense attorney.

When the full resources of state or federal law enforcement and prosecutors are focused on winning a conviction against you, criminal defense attorney Scott E. Kegel recognizes how vital an aggressive and well-designed defense strategy is to protecting your rights and preserving your freedom.

Long-Term Effects of Criminal Conviction

A criminal conviction can have a devastating effect on your personal life and your career. Besides the fines, jail or prison time, or probation supervision imposed by a Charleston court, a criminal record can make it difficult for you to get a job or qualify for some professional licenses.

Depending upon the nature of the offense, a conviction can strain your relationship with family members and loved ones. For these reasons, a criminal defense attorney is so essential when allegations of criminal wrongdoing are made against you.

Fight the Charges

A Criminal Defense Attorney May Help

The U.S. Constitution guarantees that a defendant in a criminal case shall be presumed to be innocent. The accused in a criminal case is not required to offer evidence or defense in opposition to the charges. Prosecutors have the burden of proving a defendant’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

The role of the criminal defense attorney is to challenge the evidence offered by the prosecution. Defense strategies usually focus on highlighting weaknesses in the case against the accused.

For example, evidence that was obtained in a search and seizure that did not follow state or federal laws might give rise to a defense motion to prohibit its use at trial. This could result in dismissal or reduction of the criminal charges, or it might lead to a plea-bargained offer of a reduced sentence.

When to Contact a Criminal Defense Attorney in South Carolina

An experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney such as Scott E. Kegel knows the importance of preparation in aggressively defending allegations of wrongdoing. Gathering evidence and information that might be favorable to the accused should begin immediately after criminal charges have been filed or sooner, if possible.

When you are facing criminal charges, the Law Offices of Scott E. Kegel will be there with you to provide a strong, aggressive defense. For an appointment, call or use the contact form provided on this website.